Coral Mats are produced for indoor-outdoor and warrant 5 year for abrasion resistance by Bonar Floors Company from England. Feet's dirt and wetness

    on the mat are included the floor covering maintenance cost between %85-%90. If using enough and suitable mats on the building's entrance, the maintenance 

    cost will decrease, covering materials always look clean and be longevity. Feet's dirt makes the building flooring unclean, also the surface of mat will break down

    and abrasion resistance will decrease. Floor covering(ceramic, granite, parquet, carpet, PVC, etc.) whatever it is, floor covering may need to renew before the 

    warranty period as a result of feet's dirt. Below, the cost of being presentable will be between 7-8 years for a floor covering material.

Floor Covering Materials and Laying

  %10 of Total Cost

Repair Floor Covering Materials 

 %4 of Total Cost

Maintenance of Floor Covering Materials 

 %86 of Total Cost