Carpet Tiles is the best solution to prefer to lay on raised floor in today's modern buildings. 

  Carpet Tiles are more economic. The wastage changes between %1-%7 by the location. Carpet Tiles will being take out and fit on(post it)

  or using double edge band for installation. In both of installation, it is possible to remove them easily if requested. Therefore, it is available

  to change them to provide from stand-by, if carpet tiles have damage or looked bad. In general, manufacturers in the world have produced

  50 cm x 50 cm carpet tile and package 5 m² (20 Piece) in a box. Also  other sizes are available for special orders. Carpet tile package

  in this way, end consumers have an advantage for transporting, horizontal-vertical transportation, installation and carriage situations. In use

  carpet tiles , it is possible to lay them another location; take out easily, package again and transport to new location. If the location is bigger than

  last's, you will provide that serial carpet tile from the factory. Also using any colour combinations, to solve this problem easily for new location.

  Maintenance will be daily to use electric vacuum cleaner with brush. As a pollution situation, carpet tiles are cleaned with a mild detergent

  solution or wood shavings in 3-6-12 months.